Gift Finder levering AI-powered recommendations

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  product discovery automation

Personalize the user experience in an entertaining way and increase your basket size.

Manually merchandise based on specific shopper needs. Help them to find a gift that better matches their needs with ease.

Key benefits:
• Improve product discovery.
• Increase conversion and basket size.
• An easy, entertaining way to gather shopper data.
• Allows manual merchandising based on user entries.


Fashion & Apparel, Homeware & Furniture, Footwear & Accessories, others


Homepage, Brand page, Category page, PLP


Web, app, mobile

Implementation effort


Cookies dependent


“We use Crownpeak for three purposes: to inspire our users, to provide them with a better online experience and to boost conversions. The Gift Finder, in particular, allows us to replicate the in-store experience you could have with our in-store shopping advisors”