Enterprise Search and Merchandising

Turn complex internationalization into powerful localization

Optimize your ecommerce sites and localize at scale. Increase efficiency and boost conversion globally with search optimization and advanced smart visual merchandising.

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Personalize at a local level

Improve performance on a global scale

Go international without losing the human connection with easy management of search and merchandising in different markets, several languages, multiple sites and every digital channel in a centralized way.

merchandising strategy and AB-test
merchandising strategy and AB-test

Improve performance globally

Cost-effective management of search and merchandising strategies

Improve your employee experience and save time with easy management of several markets in a single environment and advanced internationalization capabilities. Easily create global rules that automatically adapt to local market data and shopper behavior. Optimize the customer browsing experience in multiple languages. Apply identical rules across international territories to support brand-level goals.

Optimize your search engine

Convert more with relevant results

Optimize your search engine to always show fast, relevant results. Identify and match shopper intent guiding them throughout their journey. Apply spell correction, synonyms, search relevance algorithms, and redirects. Adjust the precision of the search function, letting the engine learn and adapt, while you configure the details. Apply visual merchandising methods such as result modifications and collections.

new retail channels
Merchandising shop-the-look

Increase average order value

135% increase in conversion with cross-sell and upsell recommendations

Provide personalized recommendations that go beyond related, trending and most popular items. Inspire shoppers at every touchpoint with advanced capabilities such as one-to-many personalized recommendations, Visually Similar and Shop the Look.

“Visually similar recommendations have helped us to present products that meet their requirements without compromising on the original style of the product that attracted the shopper in the first place. It has also encouraged seamless product discovery and inspiration with shoppers now purchasing new but similar styles and products across our vast product range.”

Rachel Tigel, Senior Ecommerce Manager, Forever New

Drive efficiency

Curate and automate with advanced manual visual merchandising

Reduce workload by up to 60% with smart automation and creative control. Automate manual and repetitive tasks so your team can concentrate on the curation of advanced use cases to improve shopper experience and boost online performance. Benefit from drag and drop capabilities, out-of-the-box merchandising strategies, campaign builder, ranking cocktail and much more.

Recommendations headless fashion
clean and enrich search results

AI Search solution

-91% zero results rates. +57% search conversion

Don’t miss out on opportunities to drive your revenue up. Uncover shopper intent and eliminate zero results. Deliver complete and accurate experiences for even the most complex and unstructured search queries.

Recommendations solution

Move from operations to the forefront of strategy

Empower your team with the right tools to deliver truly personalized recommendations on any channel. Easily bring 3rd party and your own algorithms to the platform and combine with Crownpeak's library of high-performance algorithms to maximize performance and ROI.

Recommendation solution
AB test optimize

A/B Testing and optimization

Improve conversions by testing configurations, modifying strategies and uncovering new tactics through data.

A/B test your merchandising and recommendations strategies, combine different algorithms, and optimize performance to improve the shopper experience. Make data-driven decisions such as improving click-through rates by testing different search configurations, tweaking algorithms and editing merchandising rules. View the AI algorithms strategies without leaving your ecommerce site with our Google Chrome Extension and understand why certain algorithms are recommended by looking at the API call.


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Find out how our enterprise search and merchandising solution can help you to create seamless and personalized shopping experiences at scale

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