Intelligent Merchandising

Unlock the power of merchandising with AI algorithms to curate your own store your way

Apply the right level of automation with your own business rules to make sure you stay in creative control of your merchandising strategies to increase product visibility and support your business strategy.

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saving merchandisers’ time


increase customer satisfaction

Take control of what your shoppers see

Curate your online store while supporting your merchandising strategies and business goals.

Customer journey
merchandising navigation filters and facets

Better engagement

Curate your site and increase customer satisfaction

Improve your shoppers’ experience while meeting your brand and business goals by curating your online store based on style, color, etc. Customize product displays to each shopper’s intent to deliver relevant and engaging shopping experiences.

“The ranking feature is great because you can put a default sort on your whole site or personalize this for different categories.”

Stephanie Young, Online Visual Merchandiser, End Clothing


Automate and scale with creative control

Don’t rely on manual merchandising. AI and automation drives cost and resource efficiency. Curate and automate strategies, saving hours on manual work. Automatically re-order products on all pages and recommendations by combining shopper behavior and strategic rules.

Merchandising automation and creative control
Merchandising AI

Creative control

Be strategic and drive growth

Apply merchandising rules on top of AI algorithms to control what shoppers see based on your business needs and without impacting each shoppers’ experience. Use merchandising rules to modify results, show products based on stock availability, boost campaigns, etc. Customize promotions and recommendations based on shopper location, pin products or exclude them and much more.


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Automation done right with intelligent merchandising

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